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3D Printed Jig – Version 2.0

Posted on 14 Apr 2013 in Build | Comments Off

Updated May 2nd. Version 2.0 and 3.0 bombed for lots of different reasons. We are now on version 4.0 which is dramatically different and a much better design. We are shooting pictures and video and will get that up shortly. For all those asking questions about price and availability. We are still trying to target that $20 target (but no promises just yet).


Fresh off the press Sunday morning, April 14th at 10AM, version 2.0 of our 3D printed jigs.

AR15 80 Percent 3D Printed Jig 45 View


Yes, we will admit our first attempt at a simple jig was a POS.

AR15 80 Percent 3d printer jig

Version 1.0 of Advanced Rifle’s 80% Machining Jig.


It is really difficult to create a 3D printable jig that is simple and strong. There is so many limitations to a 3D printer, but like anything it is trial and error.

So, the guys have been working on a new design since Wednesday. Here is what we improved:

  1. Bigger, stronger and easier to use
  2. It fully encloses the lower receiver and makes it easy to clamp down with a vise. Protecting the lower from being marred and scratched. The previous design did nothing.
  3. It fits flush to the upper surface (major problem with the last design)
  4. Has strengthened integral drill locators for the side holes you need to drill and reamer
  5. It gets around the limitations of the 3D printer
  6. Takes about an hour to print

We are still working on further improvements. Figuring out how to put in sleeves for the reamer and the fire control pocket.


AR15 3D Printed 80 Percent Lower JIG

Version 2.0 of Advanced Rifle’s 80% Machining Jig.


The first ones are coming off of the 3D print early this morning before the guys had to go take the kids to go to Church and do their taxes (they worked through the night for the past few days). We will be testing them out in the next few days (if we can spare a couple units off the production line).

AR15 3D Printed 80 Percent Lower JIG

There is the jig being printed.



More Views of the 3D Printed Part

AR15 80 Percent 3D Printed Jig Side View

Side view of the 3D printed jig. This side contain the final sized holes for the fire group. The other side has the pilot holes for the alignment punch.

AR15 80 Percent 3D Printed Jig Buffer Tube View

Looking at this view, you can see how the jig holds the part when clamped into the vise.

AR15 80 Percent 3D Printed Jig Bottom View

Bottom view. When clamped, this is rock solid.

AR15 80 Percent 3D Printed Jig Top View

The most important area. The fire control pocket. Needs some clean up work, but once done, it serves as a great guide for the machining. Yes we know the pocket is extending too far back.



Print it yourself

If you got a 3D printer handy. We will be updating this blog article shortly with the download information to print your own. Please try it out and gives us some more feedback. Like we have said to everyone, our intentions is to make it as easy as possible and as affordable as to build your own high quality AR15. We are open sourcing the jigs to make them, it is absolutely free for you to print them for your own use.. If you plan on printing these and selling them, please contact us so you can pay a small royalty per unit to the young guys behind this design.

Let make this community strong!