80% AR15 Lowers

We are manufacturers of ubergrade AR-15 Lower Receivers.
Ensuring freedom from tyranny, oppression and subjectification.



Insurance against Targeted Bans aimed at rifles of certain makes and models.
We’ve seen it in California, we have seen it in other states. Laws aimed at taking away your rifle just because of a brand, logo and model markings on its side. Having a self-made lower could mean the difference between having an AR and not having an AR.



Pride of Ownership without breaking the bank and upsetting the wife.
As demand surges ahead of new legislation, prices skyrocket and depression sets in as many folks cannot afford thousands of dollars for a rifle. Start building your own AR piece by piece as you can afford it while staying ahead of the price gougers.
AR ownership starts at $120.00





The Model S is a Partially Machined AR15 Lower. This 80% is a premium German spec R7075-T6 Forging, featuring our own in-house perimeter strengthen progressive forgings (read more), followed by 4-Axis CNC machining with a fully broached magazine well (using real broaching machines) all within milspec tolerances. This model follows the “standard” AR-15 shape and features a strengthened buffer tube support. Includes full blue-prints and build instructions. Ships direct to you, no FFL needed as it is not a gun until you complete it.
Typically Lead times is 1-3 Days (as of Jan 21, 2014)


  • ARS15EF
  • $120.00

Five Pack

  • ARS15EF5
  • $550 ($110 each)

The Model X is our billet 80% receiver. It is an all CNC model starting with our premium German spec R7075-T6 billet, perimeter strengthen, with extensive 4-Axis CNC machining and a fully broached magazine well (using real broaching machines). Easier to machine and drill and has flatter, larger sides for custom engraving. This is modernized shape with a strengthened buffer tube. Includes full blue-prints and build instructions. Ships direct to you, no FFL needed as it is not a gun until you complete it.

Typically ships in 3-5 Days (as of Jan 21, 2014)


  • ARX15EF
  • $120.00

Five Pack

  • ARX15EF5
  • $550 ($110 each)


$40 Replacement Program

We are offering an industry first, an optional replacement program that covers replacement of your part in the event of a major mistake that you might make during construction of your lower receiver. A small investment that can saving you a lot of money. Learn more>>


3D Printed Jigs 5.0 (coming soon)

To better support the community, and try to solve the biggest headache out there, which is affordable and easy to get Jigs. These Jigs will work on most of the common forgings on the market with little to no adjustments. Officially it is version 5.0, reality we are on version 20.0+ as we have been learning and adapting the design with all the earlier adopter community that has been helping us evolve and improve the design. We are planning to release the final production model in the next couple weeks as we are finalizing the production. Learn more>>

AR15 3D Printed 80 Percent Lower JIG

Version 2.0 of Advanced Rifle’s 80% Machining Jig.


Everyone claims their lower receiver is better. Truth is there is only four forging factories that make lowers for all ARs. That is until now. We are only the fifth forging factory to come online and the only one dedicated to making forgings for the 80% percent market with the latest advancements in tooling, processes and premium grades of 7075. Learn more about our forgings >>

Use the 360 viewer to get closer look at our lower receiver and what makes it special.

Real Broaching

Everyone claims broaching in their webstore. Reality is that what others call broaching is not really broaching, it is typically something lesser like milling or wire cut. There is a reason why every production rifle uses real broaching for quality, precise fitting magazines, smoother surface, no tool chatter, better corrosion resistance and so much more.
There is also a real reason why very few 80% lowers have it. The broach (that thing that is moving in the video) is impossible to get and costs more than most CNC machines. The machine that it runs on costs more than most people spend on their entire shop. They simply can’t afford to do it right, and you simply can’t crowd source a broach. We have a simple belief, do it the right or don’t even bother doing it at all. It why we made the investment upfront so you can have a better product for a reasonable price.



AR 15 Fire Control Pocket 80 Percent

80% Receiver requires owner to complete it by finishing the fire control pocket (in green).



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